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When looking for a rental in the
Jacksonville North Carolina area there are a few options you can choose from.

Property Management Company
For Rent By Owner

In the case of a property management company such as
CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc. you will meet with a real estate agent that will help you find the property for you.

In the case of an apartment you will find that you will be driving to each apartment complex to see what type of apartments they offer.  With the apartments, usually each apartment is owned by  different companies and each come
with different rules and requirements.

A for rent by owner is just how it sounds. It is a property owned by an individual and the individual is the landlord. Most of these properties are privately advertised by the owner in the newspaper.  Again, just as the apartments, each person could have a different rules and requirements.

Generally all real estate companies operate by the same rules and principles.  There are some variations, but each should operate by the governing rules of the state of
North Carolina.  There might be some small changes, such as when rents are due, do they accept the Military Set Aside Program, credit requirements and deposit requirements to name a few. 

Jacksonville NC Renting Fun

One of the best ways to find a rental in the Jacksonville NC area is to contact a
CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc agent.  Before you meet with an agent try to see what kind of rental payment you will be comfortable with.  But be realistic.  Rental house prices in the Jacksonville area can range from $350.00 and up.  The average rental for the Jacksonville area is approximately $650.00 but if this is not in your budget, we can still help.

Another consideration is if you have pets.  In North Carolina it is up to the owner of the property if they allow you to have a pet.  If they do allow pets there is generally a $150.00 pet fee per paid.  This fee is nonrefundable.   In some properties even if they allow pets, there are a few breeds that will not be accepted, due to reputation.  We do understand that a lot of pets regardless of the reputation are friendly and loving pets.  Unfortunately the owners insurance company could decline a claim if something happen in the property.  Sorry Folks.    If you would like to know what pets are not accepted by CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc please contact us.

security deposit is general equal to one months rent.  The security deposit could be equal to 2 month rent depending on your credit history and rental references.  The security deposit is held in a escrow account with a federally insured bank and a tenant can not use it for rent.   Once you check out of the property the security deposit is refunded back to you.  If a tenant damages a property or leaves owing rent, the security deposit can be used to make the property or owner whole again. 

If you are in the military, another alternative to he security deposit is called the
Military Set Aside Program.  This program was designed in conjunction with the local real estate companies to help service members with the security deposit.  This program allows the tenant and the real estate company to waive the security deposit.  In this situation a service member will have to sign up for the program with base housing.  CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc and base housing will inspect the property and if the property and prospective tenant qualify, a security deposit may not be needed.   Not all properties allow or qualify for the Military Set Aside Program, it is up tot he individual property owner to accept this program. 

Another factor in looking for a rental is, how soon will you need to move in. If you are looking to rent a property a good rule of thumb is to start looking at properties about 2-3 weeks before you need to move in. In some cases we have prospective tenants come into the office with a immediate need.  That's okay. 
We will try to do our best to find you a home.   If you start looking to early most of the properties that you view may not be available when you are ready to sign a lease, especially if they are vacant.   Most companies will not hold a property for an extended length of time.   

If you still have some time before you need a place to rent, but would like information about the rentals on the market, let us know.  It is a good idea to get information sent to you about the market so you can be prepared when you get to the Jacksonville NC area.
Once you have decided what price you are comfortable with, what area, number of bedrooms, when do you need it, and size of the property you are ready to start looking.

Contact us and we will have one of our CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc. agents help you with finding a home.