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After you have decided what kind of property you want to rent, looked at properties with your
CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc agent, found a property and signed a lease, it is time to move in.

Utilities for most properties we manage are not included and you will need to have them turned on in your name.  Please ask one of the
property management staff members about a list of utility companies in the Jacksonville area.

Leasing a property is different from owning your own home.  When renting a property any changes that you are wanting to do, such as painting, needs to be approved by the property management department.  In North Carolina the property owner is not required to paint the property after each tenant.  If and when you get approval to do some painting please make sure you do a neat and professional job and don't forget the trim.  Be cautious of the ceilings when painting.  

                                                                   Jacksonville NC Renting property

In your new home you will be required to take care of the yard.  You will need to mow and trim the bushes as needed.  If you have a green thumb you can
plant flowers to make the rental unit more homey.   After moving into a rental, most people want to ad some personal touches to the property and flowers are a great one.

Hanging pictures and photos are allowed.  But be sure to make the damage to the wall is minimal.  Use small nails or screws.

When renting a property please remember in some cases things break.  A house is made up of a lot of different moving parts, water heaters, heat and ac units, faucets, doors locks, cabinets, electrical circuits, can break down.  Please contact our
property management department if something should stop working.  Your job as a tenant is to protect the property.   Even though it is not your property you will still have the responsibility to protect it.  If you see a roof leak or a problem that can cause more damage please report it to the property management department.
In most cases, once you have reported a repair need to the property management department we will have to contact the owner of the property for approval.  Please be patient. 

Once a repair call is issued, the repair person assigned to the task will be given your name, address, telephone number and what is wrong.  Please understand the repair people have a number of jobs they are assigned and will be there as soon as they can. 

There are a few ways you can pay your rent each month, you can bring it to the office, mail, or in case of Military Set Aside program you will be on an allotment.
If you mail your rental payment or bring it in to the company please make sure you send it so it arrives by the cut of date.   We do have a drop box slot located at the right side of the main door.  If you drop off your rental payment after hours please do not leave cash.  We will not be responsible for lost or stolen money left in this drop box.    When paying rent if, please make sure your name and the property you are renting is clearly marked on the check or envelope. 

If you have any questions or would like information on the properties in the Jacksonville NC area.
Contact us today!




























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