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Your agent or another agent with CENTURY 21 American Properties,  Inc. will do their best to contact you when a potential buyer would like to view your house or property.  Any potential buyers will be escorted by a CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc agent or an agent from another office.  We will not send someone out to your property without being escorted (Please read the safety section of this site.)

You have prepared your house or property, it is being marketed, and now a potential buyer wants to view it.
Most of the time it is best that when a buyer is viewing the home to leave the property for a few minutes.  Most buyers will feel uncomfortable about viewing a home when the owners are present.  With you not there,
home buyers will feel more open to communicate with their agent about what they like or are not comfortable with in the home. 

If you have a large pet. Please make sure it is kenneled or take it for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Some people are afraid of large animals or they could have allergies. 

Before you leave make sure any items are picked up, dishes cleaned and everything in it's place. 
Open the blinds and curtains to let in sunlight. 
Sunlight makes a room appear and feel bigger and brighter. 

Before you leave the house spray a few shots of an
air freshener.  In the spring make it a citrus or  light country scent to make the home more light and fresh smelling.  In the fall or winter use a cinnamon or apple spice scent to make the home more cozy and inviting. 

In some cases when one of our agents have had an open house, the agent would bake cookies just to get the fresh baked smell when potential buyers enter the house.

A property showing generally last between 15-30 minutes depending on the buyers.  After the property has been shown and the buyers are leaving the agent should lock all doors. 
Make sure you take a key with you.

In cases where you can not leave, just go out into the back yard so the buyers can have some privacy.

These showing tips will help make the buyers feel at ease in your home and make a pleasant showing.

Don't forget to ask your
CENTURY 21 American Properties,  Inc. agent for tips on selling your home.                    
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