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curve.jpg    Preparing your home for sale is simple with a few guidelines from   
    your CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc agent. 

   From this day forward your home is a product.  A product that you  
   want to get the highest value  possible and in the quickest amount of 
   time.  Curb appeal is a big factor in selling your home.  How does your 
   home look from the street?  Does it need painting? Does the yard need to be spruced up, bushes trimmed?  What needs to be done to make your home a show place in the Jacksonville, Swansboro, Richlands, Sneads Ferry or Onslow County area?


Paint, Especially the doors and shudders.
Look at the entry way light, is it rusted and old? 
If your house has vinyl siding, could it use a good cleaning? 

Very inexpensive items like these will go a long way.

How's the yard and landscaping?  Plant some bright and cheery flowers beside your front entry.  Trim your shrubs and place some mulch around them.  Some bright flowers and fresh mulch can make a big difference.  Is the yard neatly cut? Are there weeds in flower beds and along fences?  Don't forget about the back yard.

Are your windows dirty?  Remove those toys, bikes and old shoes off the front porch. Is your house stuffy? Place air fresheners though out the house and especially by the front door.  But be careful not to make it to strong.  Try citrus or country scents in the spring and summer, and apple spice in fall and winter. 

Clean out those closets and the garage.  It may be time for a yard sale.

We all love family photos and items that show our personalities.  To many can cause the house to look cluttered and hard to maneuver through. You will be moving soon and now is the time to remove some of the photos and box them up.  When a house has less personal items, potential buyers are able to easily envision their items in the house. 
Remove those expensive collections and items. 

Is your house dark or is it light and airy?  Before showings,
open blinds and turn on lights.  Re-arrange furniture to make the room appear larger.  Put fresh flowers on your table.

Make the rooms look larger.  Do you have over sized furniture?  If you have a lot of furniture you have to walk around remove some of it.  Key items are coffee tables and maybe a end table.  Make the room look as spacious as possible.
In today's market a roomy open feeling is what attracts a lot of buyers.  Put your house at the top of it's potential.

Each home is different and unique.  
Contact Us today and one of our CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc agents can help you get your home sold.












































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