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Safety is a main concern of CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc and we would like you to have a few tips for safety in selling your home.

When selling you home there may be a chance that one day you will get a knock on your door and someone will want to see your property.  Remember
we do not send people by without being accompanied by a real estate agent, and we do our best to set up an appointment.  Our advice is, do not let them view your home or property.  Give them one of your CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc agents business cards and have them call the agent for an appointment


There has been cases in other areas, fortunately not here, that someone posed as a prospective buyer to view the house.  But was in fact casing the house out for a burglary. 

If you have someone that is accompanied by a real estate agent without an appointment, it will be up to you if you decide to let them in.  In any case get a business card from them that has a picture on it.  If you are uncomfortable with this situation, please ask them to contact your CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc agent to make an appointment.  They might say they already have and had an appointment and in fact were just driving by and saw the sign in the yard.

When you list your home or property with CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc it is recommended that if you have any
valuable collectibles or items, you should pack these and store them unseen.  Items such as figurines, guns, family heirlooms or anything of great value may not be a target for burglars but could be damaged by small children.  If you have expensive jewelry or small items, we suggest you renting a safe deposit box or store them in an inaccessible place.  

Do not leave cash or jewelry lying around on dressers or tables.  Put jewelry boxes out of site.  Make sure nothing can be tempting to others.


One of the new issues in larger cities is prescription medicines. 
If you have prescription medicines take them out of your medicine cabinets and store them in an unobvious place.

Children are a big concern of ours and when we take photos of properties we have instructed our agents not to take photos of kids rooms or of collections you may have on a wall or table.   Before your CENTURY 21 American Properties, Inc agent takes any photos please make sure all items are removed.

Stage your home with safety in mind.  Make sure it is clean, neat and with no temptations.  Use common since.    

If you have any questions please
Contact Us today.


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